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Top 5 Ecommerce Industries Booming During Covid19 REVEALED

Covid-19 pandemic has created havoc among different sectors of the industries. Lockdown has caused suspension of a lot of activities including travel, and restrictions on the movement of people and vehicles. This pandemic has majorly impacted the Indian economy. However, many businesses are utilizing this crisis to improve their strategies and business models with advanced and technological driven solutions. They are innovating new ways to generate revenue, that consumers are able to adapt to during this pandemic. At this point, we can say that the future of retail is Online.

The solutions invented by these industries will become a new trend in the world even after this pandemic is over. We have come up with a list of industries that have come up with transformations which has allowed them to work through this critical time. Be a pro, get to know these industries, before you step into the market next time.

Let’s take a look at this list!

1. Online Education (EdTech)

Pandemic has caused educational institutions to shut down. Hence e-learning has been promoted to ensure that learners can still continue to learn, keeping in mind the safety precaution norms. There are so many courses provided online, that learners can take up at affordable prices and there are classes that are also held for free. Online learning has become a new norm and virtual learning is made more interactive, custom-made and engaging, through live sessions. Before this pandemic, a study has already predicted that the Indian online education industry will grow to $18 billion by the year 2022. This pandemic has only served to fast-track this growth by making it important for teachers and learners to adapt to more digital processes and tools. By the end of this pandemic, there is going to be a larger scope, in the advancement of this industry.

2. Ecommerce retail stores

During this pandemic, people have started switching towards online retail stores, for acquiring their daily necessities like grocery, clothes, shoes, household products, stationary, and a lot more. Even those who are new to this internet technology have started opting for online shopping. For an obvious reason, to ensure social distancing. The retailers and many distributers as well, are now switching to the online platform, especially to survive the lockdown restrictions. Sales, Discounts and coupons, are a trend on the online platform attracting customer base. So ensuring all these features in the ecommerce platform you design, for your clients, is a plus.

3. Healthcare industry

Visiting doctors in hospitals or clinics is quite scary for everyone, just think of the possibilities of contacting with a covid-19 patient or surfaces touched by them regardless of all the sanitization taken care of, by the staff. Rather, doctors have started taking up online consultations with patients who book an appointment with them. Regular patients, who come in for routine checkups to hospitals or clinics, can now consult their doctors with ease at home. Not only doctors but pharmacists have also switched towards the ecommerce platform, making it easy for their consumers to order their medicines online.

 4. IT industry

With employees switching to work from home, internet, hardware and software have become an essential part of every household. This industry has started providing all their services through ecommerce, due to this lockdown. With time, we can see a bright future for IT industry.

5. Fitness Industry

With gyms and fitness centers being shut, people are finding themselves gain weight, due to no outdoor activity. This has made the fitness industry switch to online. Getting yourself registered with an online gym or fitness center and attending live sessions with trainers, in order to follow fitness regime is super-trendy at the moment, with a lot of scope of advancement in the future.

Knowing which industry, you need to approach for your next ecommerce project, definitely gives you a boost to your confidence. This is the right time to approach retailers in these industries to get them on the ecommerce platform. But hold on? Are you wondering how will you serve them with a good ecommerce platform? Don’t worry, building an ecommerce platform is no big task today if you have the right sources. Storzb is a great outsourcing agency for Ecommerce. They get ecommerce projects done for you, on your behalf, as they have white label solution for all their channel partners and affiliates. They also have a record time of 16 working days to deploy and launch a complete full stacked, ecommerce project. With 18 plug and play ecommerce solutions, Storzb is one of the best options to opt for. So what are you waiting for, get going now!


  1. I agree with you that eCommerce industry has huge scope and growing so fast in India. you have share very good informative post regarding eCommerce, I personally find this very useful for my PGDM courseas well which i am pursuing form distance learning center. keep sharing.


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