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Give An Emotional Touch To Customers In An Online Store

  What do you think is a major factor in making a buying decision?  If you think it's the quality of the product or service, you are right and wrong.   Right because the quality does make a difference and wrong because sometimes we even end up buying a thing of poor quality, isn't it?   So, what makes us take the plunge? An impulse! As per a Harvard study, 95% of all buying decisions are done impulsively, be it offline or online. It happens in the subconscious mind, and customers do not even realize it.  Then, are you wondering how to make an emotional impact on a customer in an online store?   The cat is out of the bag! To invoke this state of mind in an ever-competitive market, retailers and businesses are resorting to creating emotional experiences to engage their customers.    What a customer truly values is how the brand makes them feel. This is the basis on which they make positive purchasing decisions; it is also likely to lead to referrals.    Here’s ho

A Top-Notch Comparison of Key Players in E-commerce Platforms

We are living in the day and age that is witnessing a massive e-commerce revolution. From being just a ‘thing of convenience,’ e-commerce has slowly become a way of life.    Here goes the red carpet and drum roll…. Welcome to the E-commerce Boom!   Here’s the Good news! E-commerce is skyrocketing in India. Thanks to the data from Statistic , the revenue from it will reach a value of $79.5 billion US dollars by 2025.    So, now is the time to put it to maximal use. But how do we do it? Do you want to know?   Here are some questions that your clients might throw upon you: What to do - All business sizes, small and big, have excellent prospects provided the right e-commerce platform is chosen.  What’s an e-commerce platform - It helps businesses create an online presence and leverage it to boost their business.  Why Choose it? - It is the center for your online store where everything from marketing, payment, and inventory, is controlled. Hence it is essential to choose th