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5 Reasons Why Automation of Shipping is Significant

  The order fulfilment industry is not shy of using the latest technology. The evidence of this fact is the barcode scanners, chat bots, robotics, and more. The supply chain is making use of technology to optimize the processes. Shipping, one of the most expensive components in order fulfilment, leverages automation by using an automated shipping system. Here are some reasons why automation of shipping is significant.    What is Automation in Shipping? Automation in shipping uses automation systems to replace wholly or partially some processes and procedures of commercial shipping. That means, when new orders are placed, automation takes care of choosing items from the warehouse or inventory, package them and deliver it to the customers.  Automating the shipping process has many benefits, but most importantly, it gives you a big lead in terms of speed,  compared to your competitors. The manual tasks involved are eliminated or reduced drastically so that orders get fulfilled au

An awesome way to automate communication for E-commerce websites

  What if we told you that, one can reduce the transaction processing time from 30-45 mins to 3 mins by automating communication on an E-commerce platform? Interesting right? Read on... In today's digital age, marketing and selling have changed and evolved. A manual process involving calling clients, creating invoices, sending payment receipts, and cancellation, and processing refund can now be automated. The real world is now in online business, where you can connect with customers instantaneously. As a result, marketing agencies are always looking for new ways to grow their businesses, and one of them is by automating communication for their ecommerce clients. What does it mean to Automate the Communication process? Addition of simple pre-integrated tools to an E-commerce site aiding it to send SMS alerts, instant emails, connect with customers while the customer is making his purchase on the portal. Why Automate? Technology has made life instant. With decreasing atte

Top 9 Things to Consider When Choosing an Ecommerce Platform

If there were any doubts about E-commerce's long-term viability, the Covid-19 incident has put an end to that discussion. Businesses have chosen to go online to survive, now that the virus has hit them so hard. Consumers enjoy online purchasing, since it ensures that they are fully secured, while yet, receiving delivery of what they require at their home. As a result, web designers are in higher demand to create strong e-commerce websites with a user-friendly interface. However, as a web developer, you must employ the proper platform to do it. In this article, we'll go over a few aspects that a web designer should consider, while choosing the right e-commerce platform. 1. Strong Catalog The heart of an e-commerce store's inventory is its product catalogue. You should check to see if the catalogue is simple to update and easy to understand for someone who does not have a lot of technical skills. But, more crucially, a web developer must determine whether the product catalo

How business models can fulfill different business requirements?

   In the previous blog we discussed the various types of business models that are available but did you know that apart from those business models, there are additional versions or add-ons that can be added or modified in a business model to meet the business requirements? Yes, any business model can be customized based on the specific industry requirements — this is referred as a disruptive business model. Let's take a few examples to identify the requirements and solutions. Now being a web developer of an ecommerce platform, you need to know this piece of information, just for the simple reason being, that you may have client from various industries, with varied requirements. Knowing this will help you deliver quality products to your clients. A business model may be selling t-shirts or accessories or photo frames, but they want to provide their customers with customized products. Now be it a estore or franchise model this feature can be added on to any of the suitable models.