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Give An Emotional Touch To Customers In An Online Store


What do you think is a major factor in making a buying decision? 

If you think it's the quality of the product or service, you are right and wrong.

 Right because the quality does make a difference and wrong because sometimes we even end up buying a thing of poor quality, isn't it?

 So, what makes us take the plunge?

An impulse! As per a Harvard study, 95% of all buying decisions are done impulsively, be it offline or online. It happens in the subconscious mind, and customers do not even realize it.  Then, are you wondering how to make an emotional impact on a customer in an online store?

 The cat is out of the bag!

To invoke this state of mind in an ever-competitive market, retailers and businesses are resorting to creating emotional experiences to engage their customers. 

 What a customer truly values is how the brand makes them feel. This is the basis on which they make positive purchasing decisions; it is also likely to lead to referrals. 

 Here’s how to create that emotional experience in your client’s online store.

 Catchy Layout

A catchy layout with the right colours can greatly influence the perception. It has a major impact on engagement, sales, and customer experience. Every colour in the layout can tell a story and also determine how customers perceive the merchandise. The layout colour is greatly dependent on the target audience too. For example:

        Choose bold and bright colours for younger shoppers and sober colours for older shoppers

        Use teal or navy blue if you are targeting budget shoppers.

        Use royal red, blue, or black if the product is impulsive, like chocolates, jewellery, etc.

        If the product is primarily for females, choose green, purple, blue. 

        Use purple, orange, or brown if the target is a male audience. 

 Coupons on the Landing Page of the Website


This is one word that will catch the attention of any visitor. 

Every customer is looking for a deal. However, by incorporating coupons and displaying them on landing on the page, the customer is tempted to stay on the page for a longer duration. Remember, the longer the stay, the higher the chance of conversion! 

You can also give away coupons after the first purchase so that the customer revisits using it. Tada! There you go, the biggest secret handed over to you on a platter!

 Make It Irresistible

Plain, suitable and simple. Tempt customers with coupons, deals, discounts, and offers. Don't give them a reason to leave. Here are some ways to do it: 

        Free shipping to any location

        Major discount ending soon

        10 minutes before the offer ends

        Free gifts on orders placed right now

        Percentage-based discounts

        Referral gifts

Easy Payment Options

We often could have reached up to this point and left the website because of some payment glitches. However, a fast and smooth payment experience makes for pleasurable shopping for the customers. 

You can add wallet features apart from other digital modes that give them complete control each time they shop. Enabling the online store with seamless payment means customer retention or buying more products due to short checkout procedures. 

 Use Digital Handles

A multichannel approach gives the customers a choice on which channel they want to engage in. Having multiple digital handles means customers can connect on the track they prefer instead of forcing them to use something they are uncomfortable with. Also, having many digital handles enhances the trust factor, and customers tend to feel more secure and connected. 

 Positive Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are crucial for an online store; it helps other customers make buying decisions. These also provide social proof of your products and create trust. People trust customer reviews as much as they trust recommendations from friends. Place these strategically in such a way that it helps customers make better decisions. Ensure that the reviews are genuine and reward customer reviews with offers and discounts. 

Establishing an emotional connection with your customers has many benefits beyond increasing revenue; it gives a positive edge to your brand. This is possible only through an integrated and comprehensive solution. Storzb, an eCommerce specialist that offers end-to-end solutions, helps implement these changes in your website, creating an online store that offers a great customer experience.  


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